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Re: Android again

Seems to work without too much hassle. 

I had to first install android-tools-adb which is available from the Debian testing package servers. Then i could dpkg -i the downloaded Ubuntu aafm package. Next i had to insert some udev rules manually, following


(I still wonder if i have to replace the group "adbusers" with the debian group "adb" here ?)

I figured i have to start aafm as root, and created a sudoers entry.

There's a small problem left: Though adb can fully access the main card (/storage/sdcard0), i can't write to the external one (/storage/extSdCard), which albeit is the one where i would copy over media files. Well, as last resort i always can move the stuff with the android file manager.

greets --micha

ps. Nice thing is the adb shell, the commands are listed here:

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