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Debian Jessie / DELL / CPU Fan Speed

Hello everyone,

I am just joining and ... I need some help ; )
I am running on a DELL laptop (E6420). I moved to Debian Jessie recently (from Wheezy) and now I am struggling with very annoying problem. The problem is that my cpu fan is out of control. It starts and stops in a loop (increases speed, then decreases speed, then increases again in short amounts of time). At some point it becomes quiet but after some time it starts again. I've installed i8kutils and acpitool but this still continues to be a problem. It is annoying and not good for the fan. I didn't have this problem on Wheezy and Squeeze. I tried googling and found some suggestions but without success.
acpitool -f says
Fan            : <not available>
I tried to change fan speed with
i8kctl fan 1 1
which returns
-1 0
and nothing happens. I've installed lm-sensors and `sensors` shows
Right Fan:   104760 RPM ???
I found a thread with a guy with the same problem but it didn't mention if he fixed his problem. There were suggestions to install acpitool which I did but I still have the problem. I also installed laptop-mode-tools.
I am out of ideas. Any suggestions? I am also running awesome wm but I don't think that this matters. Actually I don't know if this problem exists in gnome - I will try it now.


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