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Re: Linux Heating Issue

On 05/23/2015 01:43 PM, Arghya Das wrote:
My laptop is running Korora OS dual boot alongside windows, windows has
good power management and no overheating isues but whenever i boot into
korora the system starts heating more than normal. Does anyone has any
solution for it..? i have 2 graphics card installed : 1. Intel (
primary) 2. NVIDIA (discrete).

I can not give you any solutions to your problem but can let you know that I am having an overheating issue with a HP G60 Laptop with Nvidia Geforce 8200M graphics built in to the motherboard. I have used it to duel boot Windows 7 and openSUSE 11 successfully for years. I have been trying all day to install a more modern version of linux such as Ubuntu 14 or openSUSE 13.2. I can not get them to run for very long because the temperatures go crazy hot and the screen becoming unreadable due to the increased flickering. My logs fill up with ACPI temperatures reaching critical. I tried using both the nouveau and NVIDIA proprietary drivers with no success.

It still runs Windows 7 with no problems or overheating so I do not think it is a hardware problem.

There may be an issue with the drivers for the NVIDIA graphics for your particular machine.


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