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Re: MacBook boot.

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 07:18:30AM +0000, stefano gozzi wrote:
>    I think you'll need a jessie 64bit, that contains uefi bootable, i don't
>    think that a squeeze supports that (even a wheezy, i think). For any

I can confirm that.  I recently installed jessie on an ECS Liva that
uses UEFI.  I had found this before I did:


It is less than a month old and the changes are for Jessie, which just
went stable.

I had to "force UEFI boot" in the jessie installer (not the default)
and create an EFI partition, separate from / and > 27MB (IIRC).
Before I did that, the system wouldn't boot from the SSD.

Can't comment on Apple HW as I won't go near it.

>    persistent installation you'll need refit bootmanager (tested with triple
>    boot).
>    For a fixed "only linux" boot, if you just want to use debian instead of
>    osx, you'll have to "bless" the partition (my actual configuration) with
>    osx dvd repair console, otherwise mac hardware wait 1 minute (white
>    screen) searching for an osx partition...
>    bye
>    stefano
>    Il giorno gio 23 apr 2015 alle ore 08:28 Jonny Bowes
>    <[1]jonnybowes2000@googlemail.com> ha scritto:
>      HI Guys
>      Could someone please tell me how I can set debian to boot from EFI. I
>      have created a bootable usb with squeeze 6.0.10 amd64 iso, but whenever
>      I restart my MacBook and hold the option key all I see is my osx
>      installation. I can confirm that the usb boots to debain fine as I have
>      been able to confirm this via another non Mac laptop.
>      Your help will be much appreciated.
>      Jonnybowes...

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