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Re: Huawei E3372: still a problem

Installed 'Jessie' using net-install on that other machine. (old HP latop with amd64 cpu).

Can't make Huawei E3372 working.

Somehow it seems that device and it is even maybe a bit working but incredible slowly, impossible to use it for anything...

Something is wrong now with the connection of the device:


root@gkone:/home/xxx# usb_modeswitch -J -v 0x12d1 -p 0x157d
Look for default devices ...
   product ID matched
 Found devices in default mode (1)
Access device 005 on bus 001
Current configuration number is 2
Use interface number 0
Error: message endpoint not given or found. Abort


What to do???


On Friday, February 27, 2015 4:32 PM, Eric S Fraga <e.fraga@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:

On Friday, 27 Feb 2015 at 03:08, Hannu Virtanen wrote:

> Trying to install more packages from 'jessie'
> to get the missing dependencies in order.

>From my own experience, trying to upgrade from one Debian distribution
to a later one piecemeal doesn't work.  I would suggest moving
completely to Jessie: update the sources list and do an 'apt-get

Or, if you have /home separate, install Jessie over whatever you have
installed currently.  This often works best and is one of the main
reasons for having separate disk partitions for / and /home.

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