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I am on dual-boot debian 7 & ubuntu 14 (updated) with two choices on my laptop :
Nvidia or Intel.
Optimus technology manage it with the soft "prime" allowing switching the graphic-card easily.

On ubuntu, it is clear & neat ; i add nvidia settings - it chooses and download the driver ; then, i restart.
On Debian, it is not clear, not at all.

I wish obtain the same thing on my debian.
What must i do ?
Is someone know a how-to (recent please) ?
Is someone working with optimus ?
Does Debian accept Optimus & Nvidia settings + Prime ?

Very simple with ubuntu, even the french doc is easily readable :

apt://nvidia-331 nvidia-prime mesa-utils.
sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime mesa-utils

Nota Bene : it works only with proprietary driver

That is one part of my problem.


The second part occurs when i follow a debian tutorial : installing a proprietary driver : it is not the same that ubuntu' choice !!!
driver 331 -Nvidia settings_ubuntu
driver 340 -Nvidia site_debian

Like every user, we prefer let the assistant do the right choice.
If i choose another driver (maybe better) is there not a risk to crash my system ? With the Nvidia assistant, the better driver will be choose without any risk.

Why have i not on my software the prime soft & nvidia 331 (mesa-utils is) included in the packages (Optimus on laptop is a modern function well known) or at least a quick help/explanation ?

I looked for information on several sites but i did not find something coherent or relevant. OK, it is maybe not free, not tolerated but i need it : it saves the life of my battery on debian and allows me playing on line on ubuntu.

Different tutorials are on the web but i do not know which one i must follow.

I would like solve that on debian with the same manner/procedure that i did on ubuntu.


How to install Optimus_Prime on Debian 7 ?

trouble-shooting help

can i download it whithout any risk ?
Is it unstable or a verified package ppa ?

What must i choose ?

Thank you by advances for your answers.

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