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Re: Debian on Intel-Haswell


On 09/08/14 03:21, Bob Proulx wrote:
> I just installed Debian Wheezy 7.6.0 on an Intel NUC Core i5 with
> similar Haswell hardware.  By default I got the vesa driver which
> worked okay.  But for testing I then installed the backports Linux
> 3.14 kernel to enable the intel driver.  (Everything worked fine at
> that point except for the "default" sound controller configuration
> which I am still working through.  I can play sound by manually
> selecting the specific sound hardware.)

What do you mean by '"default" sound controller configuration'? What
problems did you encounter? I'm also running i5 and I also did have some
issues with 'default' settings. If those our 'default' issues are
similar, maybe I can help?


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