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Re: indication on purchase laptop

On 5/6/14, Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
>> I want to buy a laptop but I want a laptop in which it is easy to change
>> the fan or change the thermal paste etc ... without the need to
>> disassemble
>> everything.
> Traditionally, Thinkpads are considered reasonably well designed (and
> well documented) for maintenance.

T series is business class I think, especially the older ones.

The newer ones Lenovo has messed with the winning formula. I own an
X220, and the touchpad with bumps all over it (unusable), aiming for a
cheaper price point (so a little more flimsy around the express card
slot than in the past, but still acceptable) and some proprietary bios
thing binding to specific wifi cards (I think this was fixed with bios
updates, and it didn't affect me personally, just read about it, and
keyboards have gone all island-keys (yuck).

So be careful and do plenty of research if you're buying anything newish.

Good luck,

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