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Re: resuming unexpectedly from suspend

Le dimanche 09 février 2014 à 03:59 +0500, Boris Bobrov a écrit :

> > Hi,
> > 
> > Sorry for the lame question, google didn't help.
> > I have debian wheezy on my laptop, I usually suspend it, but sometimes
> > it resumes randomly without any external influences and I have no clue
> > how that's possible. This has happened 2 minutes and ~60 minutes after
> > suspending it.
> > Does anyone have any idea where to start to find the reason?
> I think it's a hardware problem.
> For example, my notebook triggers lid open-close event with some kind of 
> magnet, and if I put, for example, my phone on a special place on the 
> laptop, the event gets triggered and, in my case, the screen gets locked.
> The same is possible with your laptop. Maybe the button, controlling lid 
> closing-opening gets pressed (or unpressed) somehow, or a magnet got weak. 
> Does your laptop resume automatically when you open the lid?

I'm having a similar issue with my desktop computer and bluetooth mouse.
When on suspend to ram, i have to leave the room as if the baby was


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