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Installing debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso on a partition of a Macbook 5,2

New to this list and Debian (and rather new to Linux as well). I'm on a Macbook 5,2 with a partitioned hard drive with OS X and (now) free space. I used to have Ubuntu 12.04 installed but I want to switch to Debian. I tried to install Debian wheezy 7.2 from a liveCD but the graphical installed couldn't install Grub on any partition of the hard drive, not even the MBR.
From the Pure Data list I was 'advised' to try Debian-testing from here, but during installation I was asked to specify a place for EFI. I have installed rEFIt on my laptop as I followed this tutorial on dual booting a Mac with Linux, so I thought that the partition where rEFIt lies should be the one to install EFI, but I'm really not sure if this is the right thing to do, so thought of asking here.
Another thing is that even though in the Disk Utility app I've deleted all partitions except from the Macintosh and the Recovery HD, the graphical installer of Debian sees the following partitions:
sda1: EFI
sda2: Macintosh
sda3: Recovery HD
sda4: some ext4 I think
sda5: free space for Debian
sda6: swap area

Since sda1 is EFI, I guess that's where I should install it, but thought of asking before I give it a try, since I don't know that much about computers and I don't want to mess up my laptop completely.

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