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Re: Mac installation question

On Sunday 24 November 2013 06:12 PM, Fred wrote:

Will the file debian-update-7.2.0-powerpc-CD-1.iso install Debian on a
Mac PB3400?  I don't want to dual boot, I want Linux only.  Is there
anything unusual about the installation compared to a standard desktop
PC installation?

Best regards,

Hi Fred,

Note that update CDs/DVDs are not meant to boot, they just contain the packages needed to upgrade an existing installation. If you don't have that existing installation, then you'll need to use the normal installation CDs/DVDs. After the new system is booted, the updated CD/DVD can be added with apt-cdrom add.
From: http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#update-cd

Instead, you should go for the regular debian-7.2.0-powerpc-CD-1.iso


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