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Re: Measures against overheating / Was: static or dynamic /dev

> hdparm -f -Y command into the right places.) However, that does not really
> work since there are too many processes doing continuous small disk writes,
> like logs and network activities.

laptop-tools can configure the system to make sure that writes don't
cause drives to spin up all the time.

But admittedly, if you want your drives to spin down for longer periods
of time, you'll have to monitor your system (at least at the beginning)
to catch the various processes causing the drives to spin up and figure
out a way to prevent those occurrences.

>  most of them are obsolete anyway. Highly experimental would be /var/log
> mounted as tmpfs :) but why not.

For /var/log a good option is to install busybox-syslogd which logs into
a circular buffer rather than a file (you can read the log with "logread").

> dust and you may even consider to open up some additional slots in the case,
> manually, or make the existing one larger (loosing warranty of course).

Note that opening additional holes may change the airflow such that some
part is not ventilated as much as it should.  So it's worth thinking
a bit in order to choose where to open a new hole.  In most cases the
manufacturer wasn't completely dumb and there isn't much you can do to
improve on the existing ventilation (short of opening the whole
machine, that is).


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