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Re: console mode

* On 2013 29 Mar 07:51 -0500, james gray wrote:
> hello
> Question: what are the default use assigned to the f1 through f7 consoles.
> i do understand that f7 is gui.

As can be F8 and on depending on how many X displays are running.   For
example, two users may log into X and switch between the sessions with
Ctl-Alt-F7/F8 or via desktop provided GUI controls.

> i have found
> http://wiki.debian.org/Console
> and at that address there is not a writ on f1 through f7 default
> assignments.
> i would assume f1 could be for admin purposes ?.

Console 1 (F1) will have the bootup messages printed to it, but that is
the only thing that makes it special.  VT 1 through 6 may be used for
any purpose, either admin (root) or normal user.  If a graphical login
manager is not used, X may be launched from any one of those consoles
although on Debian it will use VT 7 first, by default.

> i would just like to get it strait.
> and then contribute what i have found to that page for other neophytes.

The defaults are just what will be found after a fresh installation.
Local administration may change things around.  :-)

- Nate


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