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Re: Sleep on absence of LAN activity, then WOMP

Take a look at pm-hibernate, hp-suspend, etc from the pm-utils package.


On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 9:32 PM, <sirquijote@lavabit.com> wrote:

I performed a web search and could only find a post from 2008, and it had
no responses.

Debian 6.0.7 on a Dell Latitude D830 acting as a privoxy/SSH/NTP server.
CLI only.

First: is it possible to sleep or suspend from the CLI?  No GUI installed
at all, nor is one wanted.  I'm not looking for data to be written to the
HDD, a la "hibernation".

Second: if so, can I alternatively tell it to sleep after an absence of
activity from my LAN, with WOMP/WOL? (Wake-on-Magic-Packet)


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