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Does the Debian OS or any other software in the Debian release write to the BIOS file.

if so where do i look for BIOS config files in the Debian side of things.

The installation that is in the machine at this time is a 32 bit net install on a 64 bit machine. The install works, but is slow, would like to try to match the machines drives with appropriate bits and see what that does for jumping through burning hoops .

i cannot get the laptop to engage the DVD in the driver. Have been re booting over and over and turning off and on a few hundred times with different ways and means, to many to remember. yes literally.

Yes i do have the Internal CD/DVD drive and not the Hard Drive at the top of the list in Boot Order.

I have made two different disks, one with the full and complete alpha numeric string that the download came with:

that one shows on the desktop with a small rectangular or square box with chars in it that is difficult to read.

And have made another disk with the word debian ascribed to it and it sets on the desk top with out the  small rectangular or square box with chars in it and when i do click on it it does show a window with the debian-6.0.6-amd-netinst.iso 
As well as the following:
502-user #502

Please allow me to know where to look for answers.
thank you


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