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Re: 64 bit download for Intel Pentium

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 06:16:57PM -0800, james gray wrote:
> i have looked at the information available for downloads and do not see a
> designation for 64 bit intel.
> i have installed 32 bit squeeze and it works , yet is slow.
> does any one have a suggestion for a download for the 64 bit, Intel Pentium
> B960 @ 2.20 Ghz.
> I am working with a:
> HP
> Pavilion G4-1318dx
> Thank you in advance

Hi, from http://www.debian.org/ports/amd64/

	"The port consists of a kernel for all AMD 64bit CPUs with AMD64 
	extension and all Intel CPUs with EM64T extension, and a common 64bit 

So, you need to download the amd64 port.

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