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Re: sl-modem-daemon unreliable

"A. F. Cano" <afc@shibaya.lonestar.org> wrote:
>Your problem might be different, but I solved my reliability 
>problems with this script:

Interesting that your problem was related to module loading. 
There was a major problem on my system with module loading...
It always loaded all of the available modules! Can't figure
out why it was doing that. Must be some sort of problem with
recognizing the hardware. I located the module directory and 
renamed the two that were unnecessary. Now only the proper
module, snd-via82xx-modem, is loaded. But the connections it
makes are still unreliable. So, I was hoping that someone
would know about what modem commands to use for the best
reliability. There don't seem to be any options related to
loading slmodemd itself that might affect a modem connection.

My system doesn't even have the slamr module. The slmodemd 
creates ttySL0 and that seems to work. Does the slamr module 
have some special affinity with the slmodemd? If it would 
make my softmodem work properly, I could go to the trouble 
of compiling and installing it. But right now I don't know 
of any reason it would be different from the default ttySL0
that it creates for itself.

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