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Re: http://www.halftonesystems.com/

On 07/03/12 22:36, MarcFP wrote:
> Spam ?

Well, yes.

*Don't* give them more oxygen and bandwidth than they've already stolen.

They spam these lists so the URL will rank in search engines - you've
just *tripled* the problem.

;ignore it
;mark it in your gmail account as spam so you don't see it again
;hit the spam button for the message at
lists.debian.org/blahblah/msgblah[*1] OR "bounce it" with a non-web
based MUA[*2] and it will eventually, maybe, be added to the debian-list
spam filters[*3]

;mark it as spam using the online lists Spam button or by bouncing *and*
register a complaint to search engines[*4], to the email provider or
website they used[*5], and, against the website they're promoting[*6],
and if the country you receive the spam in has legislation against spam
- report it[*7]

*Just. do. not. repost. the. spam.*

Kind regards

[*1]look it up at:-
[*4]:- they do this to get publicity, but mostly so the search engines
will rank them higher because of the backlinks. If you don't understand
- look it up.  Google will penalise spammers by moving the site they're
spamming off the first page of search results - that removes the
financial incentive to spam these lists.

Contact Google:-

Contact Bing:-

[*5] In this case it was sent from a yahoo account (it's usually yahoo
or hotmail):-
Forward the email to abuse@yahoo.com

[*6] Frequently the company that hired the spammers will hide behind an
anonymous contact address - as in this case, using Domains By Proxy
(scumbags who profit from spammers) Whois will give you the contact
details for the host (GoDaddy) and the domain registrant - though DBP
never check the address of the registrant. GoDaddy won't do anything
about spammers either - but you could try...

[*7] US laws suck (where most spam seems to originate)
Outside the US:-
In Australia (good laws, lazy enforcement):-
forward the spam to:-

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