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Re: help diagnosing possible graphics issue with Thinkpad T61 Nvidia Quadro NVS140

Jimmy Wu wrote:
the screen is split across the middle
and the top and bottom halves are exact copies of each other.  This
begins with the Thinkpad pre-BIOS logo and... the Thinkpad logo that appears when
the system is turn on initially is a bit corrupted as there are
columns of white pixels going down the screen.

this seems like a definite hardware issue unrelated to any operating system. I might look to see if there is a firmware update/fix as a last ditch effort. if it were me I'd start saving for a new laptop.

At this point, what are my options?  Based on what I can find online,
it seems the only way to go is to replace the system board or get a
new laptop, or try some crazy and risky tricks like baking the mobo in
an oven at high temperatures for a few minutes.

how about trying a usb video card (USB to VGA adapter)? not a fix mind you, but maybe a workaround until you can get a new system. I haven't used them with Linux so I can't tell you from experience that it will work.

good luck.

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