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Re: Dell Latitude E6410: Touchpad Scrolling

Hey Ashton,

> I will certainly try this out. Which backports kernel have you
> upgraded to?

I upgraded to 2.6.39-bpo.2-amd64. The patch should apply cleanly to
kernel 2.6.38 and newer.

> And how does that fare as far as nVidia drivers go
> (assuming you haven't got the Intel integrated option, of course)?

I got the integrated Intel graphics because I knew there was decent
driver support. Then again, the proprietary driver should still work if
you compile the kernel module yourself. But I can't tell you more about
that; I don't have the nVidia card and I only have free software
repositories activated. I think going with noveau might actually be a
good option. The driver is supposed to be pretty decent these days.

Best regards,

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