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Re: Troubles on kde with desktop effects


Luis Miguel Rojas Aguilera wrote:
> Hi, i'm having some troubles when try to enable the desktop effects on
> kde , my pcs is a toshiba satellite l505d gs6000 with a ATI Radeon Video
> Card , i've already instaled the xorg-xserver-ati .. When i enable the
> blowing effect a notification appears saying that kwin can;'t enable
> that effect and others.

which version of debian?
the package to install should be xserver-xorg-video-radeon, but in newer versions this is already installed.

> Maybe there is a log file i should see, please if anyone can help me.

the log files are:


and look at the output of the commands:


while the support for ATI cards in debian testing/unstable is getting better with each new kernel, in debian stable i would recommend installing the fglrx driver from ATI, you can get this driver from the ATI homepage.


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