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Lenovo T410 modem difficulties

Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone had succeeded in getting the POTS 
built-in modem on a T410 to work with squeeze. I only need the 
modem for a backup on those rare occasions when POTS is all 
there is, but I would like to have it configured.

After a night on Google, I discover that the Linuxant module is
essentially marketing bait for a commercial upgrade. So no way
to that.  I'm not a purist exactly, but I only have 5 non-free 
packages on the system. One more won't matter but I intend to 
stick with free software as far as possible.

ScanModem reveals three potential chipsets but I believe I have
a Conexant HD Audio Modem. I've installed the sl-modem-daemon
without success. 

Any pointers?


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