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Re: Synaptics Clickpad on HP Envy 13 & drag'n'drop


Am 27.05.2011 18:16, schrieb Ilya Ilembitov:

> I own HP Envy 13 laptop running Debian testing amd64. This machine is
> equipped with the notorious Synaptics Clickpad, which barely works.
> I.e. it doesn't support right button click (it recognizes all clicks
> as left button clicks) and it doesn't support drag'n'drop.

Well, support for the Clickpad is still in an early state. While the
Kernel happily supports it already, the corresponding xorg driver misses
it.  However there are patches, which kind of work.  At least basic
functionality is there.

I created some experimental packages with that patches are available at
http://people.debian.org/~tolimar/tmp/clickpad/ ; but use them at your
own risk.

Best regards,

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