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Re: tp_smapi 0.40-9 incompatible with thinkpad w520?

Am Montag, 23. Mai 2011 schrieb CHERN Yen-Chieh:
> Hi,


> Before the bios update made available on 19th May, my thinkpad w520
> couldn't boot into debian wheezy/sid even after a successful
> installation. 

I assume that was the BIOS with a fix to also boot Linux when no partition 
is marked bootable? Been there with my T520. But didn´t install the BIOS 
Update yet, just marked partition with /boot as bootable even when Linux 
itself does not need it.

> However the latest bios update solved that issue. But
> still the tp_smapi can not be loaded.
> usr@debian-thinkpadw520:~$ sudo modprobe tp_smapi
> [sudo] password for usr:
> FATAL: Error inserting tp_smapi
> (/lib/modules/2.6.39-1-amd64/updates/dkms/tp_smapi.ko): No such device

Same here. I think the current tp-smapi doesn´t properly support the new 
models. I didn´t get anything back regarding my post on that topic on 
linux thinkpad mailing list.

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