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Re: The battery cannot be identified.

Bob Proulx wrote:
> > design capacity:         4400 mAh
> > last full capacity:      3334 mAh
> > remaining capacity:      4400 mAh

Oh!  I just saw something else too.  This is definitely conflicting
information from the battery.  The last full capacity is 3.3 AH but it
has 4.4 AH remaining?  But remaining capacity can't exceed the last
full capacity and therefore that can't be correct.  Usually remaining
capacity is your current charge level which goes down as you use it
and up as you charge it.  The high-water-mark of the maximum charge
sets the last full capacity value.

A little side discussion: A lot of vendors use remaining capacity
divided by last full capacity to calculate the percentage of battery
for display.  So even if the battery was worn out at 1 AH if it
charged to that amount then it would say charged 100%.  That keeps
their support calls minimized.  Otherwise if they calculated it using
remaining capacity divided by design capacity they would start out
showing values such as 115% (which doesn't make sense either) and
would over the next two years of use never charge above 75% and their
customers would be unhappy.  As a technical type I like to know both
values but for the typical consumer neither one is suitable for them.


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