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Re: Thinkapd 410s: WiFi and screen on lid close

On Fri, 21 Jan 2011 18:41:31 -0800
"Dr. Ed Morbius" <dredmorbius@gmail.com> wrote:

> Two issues with a Thinkpad 410s running testing/unstable.
> Custom-compiled 2.6.34 kernel (to fix issues with Thinkpad
> volume/brightness controls):
> 	Linux altaira 2.6.34-custom-1- #1 SMP Thu Oct 21 18:30:43 PDT
> 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> 1: Wifi's stopped working.  Yes, it did initially. 
> Sometime early in November.  Simply haven't had the time to look into
> it.
> I did try installing rfkill to reset the wireless card, but no dice

I doubt I'm can be of any real help here as I have a T61, but I noticed
this filling my logs today and when I saw rfkill above it made me
remember. Perhaps it might add to your issue? Everything seems to be
working here. 

[91991.628932] thinkpad_acpi: WARNING: sysfs attribute bluetooth_enable is deprecated and will be removed. Please switch to generic rfkill before year 2010

This is from Squeeze.

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