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Re: acer-WMI timout during boot


On Wed, 25 Aug 2010 23:21:56 -0600
pcr <pcr@pcrt.us> wrote:

> I put Debian 5.0.5 lenny on my Acer travelmate 4010 recently and am
> having a three minute timeout at "waiting for /dev to be fully
> populated...[8.393716] acer-wmi: No or unsupported WMI interface,
> unable to load."
> which is fine, except the darn timeout is for three full minutes!
> I think its happening inside of the debian package "firmware-ipw2x00,
> which is installed at version 0.14+lenny2"
> Can I change the timeout duration somehow, or how should I report thsi
> and to whom?  Thanks for any suggestions

just report an bug against the package,
the tool has the name "reportbug", usage:
"reportbug <package name>"


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