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Re: wireless connection issues

On Mon, 10 May 2010, Frank Zimmermann wrote:

> The router is a Speedport W 303V

Can you access that router from your wife's box (Ubuntu 8.10 with network
manager) and have a look at the dhcp logs?  Something (client maybe) may
be eating up all available ip-addresses.  Or there's a buggy dhcp-server
on your router.  It's, not at all, an unusual scenario :(

I avoid using gnome network manager.  It's too buggy :(  It's trying to do
too much too often :(  Imitating winblows, on the negative side, perhaps?

wicd is _the_ better choice, IMNSHO.  wicd should be available on ubuntu.
If it's not available on 8.10, you may consider upgrading your wife's box
to a more recent ubuntu vesion.

> It does work the other way round though!

The other way around being: your box "Debian/sid with wicd" starting upp
first and your wife's "Ubuntu 8.10" afterwords?  That would fit my


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