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Re: HP 5700 Thin Client Terminal Installation


You will probably need the /boot partition on the drive that will do the
actual booting (so not the flash stick). After that you can have the
root partition on the flash stick with no problem.

Krzysztof Walkiewicz wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I know that it is a 'laptop' mailing list, byt maybe somebody can help me.
> According to this tutorial (http://d-i.pascal.at/) I was able to start
> the installation process from USB stick on my:
> HP 5700 Thin Client Terminal
> 1 GHz Processor
> 512 RAM
> 256 internal flash drive
> But I get stuck because there is not enough space even for minimal
> installation (netinstall.iso).
> Now the question:
> I have also another 4GB USB stick. Can I Install the biggest parts of
> the system on it?
> If yes, which parts of the filesystem do I need place on internal flash
> memory (IDE ATA, faster), and
> which on the USB stick?
> The device will be used as a FTP, NAS etc.
> Thanks on advance
> Krzysztof

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