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Re: NEC Lui

>>>>> In <[🔎] 20100307092824.219320@gmx.net> 
>>>>>	anobo@gmx.de wrote:
>> Dear all,

>> NEC Lui RN

>> It seems to be somehow a netbook, but probably without any harddisk.  The other technical data (like size, screen size and resolution, connections and interfaces, weight) are quite interesting, however expensive (around 80000 JPY).

>> Thank you for your feedback and best regards

 It is not Intel CPU based netbook. It is ARM based machine
(CPU: DaVinci TMS320DM6446

 I don't know Debian will run on the machine, but at least you will
use debian-arm insted of debian-i386/debian-amd64.

 <ishikawa@debian.org>, <ishikawa@hanzubon.jp>, <ishikawa@osdn.jp>

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