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Re: what laptop to buy - suggestion for Debian project developers

godo wrote:
Russell L. Harris wrote:

An fairly-easy way to learn which chassis and which components work with Debian is to seek out the web site of a builder who builds Debian-compatible machines, and look over the detailed list of components which he uses. So do a search on "debian laptop" and start going down the list.

There is one problem, manufacturers make laptops (same model) with different parts for different countries. One example is HP same model have Intel WiFi for "normal" countries and Broadcom for third world countries.

I think that you may have missed my point.

You can purchase, for example, a bare-bones Clevo chassis, and install in that chassis an Intel wifi module or a Broadcom wifi module.

If you (rather than a builder such as Red Barn) are shopping for a wifi module, then the matter of determining software compatibility is your responsibility.

But what components would be different from one country to another, except for wifi and perhaps ethernet?

Unless I am mistaken, HP/Compaq does not manufacture bare-bones chassis. Instead, HP/Compaq purchases the chassis from one of the half-dozen manufacturers (of whom I recall only the names Clevo and Asus), adds components, and slaps on the HP logo.


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