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Moblin & Debian Squeeze?

Hi, all

I have recently realised that the Moblin packages have been submitted to the Squeeze a while ago. However, there is no metapackage or a set for tasksel. And I couldn't google any info on debian-moblin. So, I have some questions.

1) What's the status of Moblin in Debian? Are those just several packages, or one can easily install a full-featured Moblin environment on Debian?
2) How well/actively are those packages maintained?

So, ultimately my question is, whether it is a good idea to use Debian for Moblin atm. Because I just don't want to switch to Fedora/Mandriva/Ubuntu.

And, finally, what's the best way to install Moblin? There is no sudo aptitude install moblin, no tasksel install moblin, so what do I do to get a full-featured Moblin? It's not just the WM/applets and ConnMan after all.
wbr, Ilembitov

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