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Re: force charching in squeeze

the battery is rather new and last for like 2 hours. I mean:

- battery charge is at e.g. 70%
- I plug in the ac connector
- $(acpi -a) says "on-line", but battery goes down
- after 1:15 hours, at 2% charge, recharging starts
- after 2:00 hours it gets to 100%

(the numbers are rough guesses)

Selim T. Erdogan wrote:
> Flo, 18.01.2010 tarihinde şöyle yazmış:
>> Does any one know how to trigger charging the notebook battery?
>> apparently the policy with ac-adapter online is: "run down the battery,
>> start charging only when it's under 10%" (10% being a guess).
>> Maybe this is a feature for longer battery life, fine. but sometimes I
>> want my battery charged NOW. I cant't find the place to tune this. it's
>> debian squeeze with gnome on an acer travelmate 4002 wlmi.
> Do you mean that after plugging it in, the battery charge will continue 
> to drop until below 10% but then it starts charging and goes to 100% 
> without problems?  (What would happen now if you unplug and re-plug at 
> 50%?)  Or by saying that it won't charge under 10%, do you mean that it 
> also never exceeds that?  If so, I think your battery has gotten old.  
> This is what happened when my batteries got old.

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