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Merry Christmas from Palestine

Any one help me to find my friends ...... i searching all net....that's what i found.......




and here is my msg. to my friends:


Dear’s Mr. Olliver ( Olliviee ) and Mrs.  Pannella

SALAM ........Peace be upon you…


Have a nice day ….

How are you?


We haven’t talked nor emailed for 6 years …… that’s a long time ….where r u? i sent many msgs. but unfortunatily ....no one answering....


Probably, you asked your self who is this guy..???


I’m KHALID SULEIMAN from Jenin / Palestine, we met in 2002 in Al Zababdeh center that’s belong to Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committees (PARC), and we became a good friends since you spends all the day time with me especially visiting Jenin camp during the destructions and invasions and reoccupation the Palestinians Territories, and in the night we review our work to make notes for the next day….

And you told me many local jokes from your country like your name is coming from the holly olive tree.


To remember me , in your last days in our country, may be you remember that I became Jenin Field coordinator for one year by The United Nation Volunteers for United Nation Development Programme ,……., during this period I fall in love with a journalist girl in Ministry of Information called Heba working in the opposite office of  PARC in Jenin  .


And you with your wife encourages me to tell this girl that I love her and I want to be her friend and lover for ever since Just the Death is further between us, after that we decided to make a party of our engagement in July 11.2002, in October 1, 2002 we married, in August 7, 2003 we have a mermaid daughter looks like Cathrene Denoff (French actress) and we called her NOURAN and finally we have last second child boy looks like Brad Bitt and we called him JAD.


Then I become the North west bank Coordinator in WORL FOOD PROGRAME (WFP) for one year, and since March 2004 till now I’m Coordinator District in Jenin for Central Elections Commission.


Also I have my master degree in Sustainable rural development, and am preparing for a doctoral scholarship in Guttenberg University in Sweden state.


Finally, while I’m looking for an old document, I found your emails and addresses, so I decided to write a message to vitalize and animate our friendship that passes the borders, races, sex and religion and am very proud of you….


Really I miss you so much, and am sorry for this long letter and for long time we haven’t talked or emailed; you know the life …….


I’m waiting your news.


Thank you


Best Regards

Khalid Suleiman

Jenin / Palestine

00972 598 999 570  

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