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Re: squeeze: freeze on shutdown/hibernate/suspend

Florian Marienfeld skrev:
I run squeeze on an acer travelmate 4002. everything is fine, but
shutdown, hibernate, and suspend don't work.

This is probably a kernel issue as Ubuntu on the same machine started
behaving the same way after upgrading the kernel from 2.6.28 to 2.6.31.

Any ideas what's worth a try before filing a bug report?

Very possibly unrelated as I had different symptoms, but the common things were:
* Acer laptop (extensa 5420)
* Appeared in combination with suspend/hibernation
* Started occuring somwhere between 2.6.26 (lenny) and 2.6.30 (squeeze)

I now (since a few days) use pci=nomsi as kernel parameter in grub, and the symptoms seem to have gone away.

/ johan

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