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CPU fan permenantly on. Toshiba L300. (squeeze/sid (2.6.30-2-686))

I have a Toshiba laptop: Satellite L300, model PSLB8A-0FM004.

I was running Ubuntu (2.6.28-15-generic) with kernel option
acpi_osi="Linux".  This option would allow the fan to spin down when
not busy, without the option the fan would spin up and never spin
  i.e. acpi_osi="Linux" would allow "normal" fan behaviour.

I migrated to Debian (squeeze/sid (2.6.30-2-686)).  The fan never
spins down.  I thought I would add acpi_osi="Linux" to see if that
would spin the fan down as it did with the previous (older) Ubuntu
Linux kernel.  The fan did not spin down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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