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Re: wmaster0: unknown hardware address type 801 while getting IP address for eth0 interface using DHCP]

Sorry I took a while to reply to all those who had got back to me about my query.

My network is up and running now. As it turned out, it was a simple matter of getting my laptop ping the DSL modem before trying to connect to the outside world. No manual configuration was required. I am fairly new to Linux, so I guess I've learnt a lesson there.

As far as my initial email being sent three times in a row. I do apologise for the incident. I didn't do it on purpose though. I was under the impression that I would receive a copy of that email straight after sending it off. I thought that's what happened when I new post was sent. It didn't arrive, so I thought I'd try sending it again. Thought I'd mention about that, as I realise that some people were a bit upset by that.

Thanks once again for all your help.

Alexander Kapshuk.

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