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Re: Wlan radio-toggle key works half-way

Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca>:
>  My machine (MSI Wind) has a wlan-toggle key (Fn-F11) which
>  enables/disables the wifi's radio (this is done apparently directly by
>  the BIOS so Linux isn't really told about it), and it also sends some

Er, if you see it, the kernel must be telling you about it, yes?
Linux generally ignores the lies spat out by BIOS, et al, from what I
know.  Of course, I could be deluded, ...

>  key event (which by default causes some "setkeycodes" kernel messages).
>  So the key formally works, but not ideally: when I turn the radio off,
>  the wifi communication is indeed interrupted, but the driver keeps on
>  trying to connect, wasting energy.

That sounds like software hasn't been told how to react.  As in
config?  Have you $GOOGLED setkeycodes?

Install "hotkeys" for a start.

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