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external monitor?


yesterday I upgraded my system
into 'lenny'.

Now I've got a problem to get
an external monitor working.

Earlier with 'etch I had no problems.
It worked just by plugging it in.

I used a few hours reading other people's
posts about this problems and tried
tinkering this and that, but no solution.

My laptop is HP nx9500 and the
external monitor is a normal 'Compaq',
which worked ok. earlier with 'etch'.

Now the external monitor stops
when gdm starts.

Does anybody have a clue what to do.

Is there such a tool for reconfiguring
'xserver-xorg' so that I could use just one
tool to get it working?

I tried  "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"
a few times, but that is only reconfiguring
the keyboard and keymaps and stops there.

If I'll do it by hand,

what should I write
onto 'xorg.conf' to get the external
monitor  working with the same
rates as the internal display (, which
was the earlier case)?

Need I do something else
for some other files?

I tried a few times to do something
with/for 'xrandr', but it was
of no help.

with best,

- hv

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