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Re: problem to send email with postfix

Paolo wrote:
> Gerard Robin wrote:
> >    (host [3]smtp.free.fr[] refused to talk to me: 554 5.7.1
> >    <unknown[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied)
> your IP [] from [telecomplus,Mauritius] is likely a dynamic IP
> so smtp.free.fr refused to serve requests from it; likely smtp.free.fr only
> allows IP in it's domain and trusted static IP.
> It's not a problem with the ML, just the usual min anti-spam measure at 
> smtp level. Perhaps smtp.free.fr would accpet your IP if you do and auth
> IMPA/POP access from it.

I suggest either or both of two solutions to this problem.

1. Set up SMTP SASL using the submission port 587 to your ISP or to a
   host on your home network.  Then you won't be blocked by ISPs
   blocking port the SMTP port 25.  Then you will be authenticated
   with your normal mail server and mail can be relayed normally.
   Most ISPs make port 587 and a mail relay available for this purpose.

2. Set up a VPN to a host on your home network such that your mail is
   sent over the tunnelled connection and then can originate from your
   home network.  With this it is possible to route all traffic is
   back to your home network.


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