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Re: a904guy@gmail.com Has Invited You to Join GodTube

Robert Smith wrote:
> Is this list moderated? The below message is SPAM, and offensive at that!

It would be impossible to moderate the lists.debian.org mailing
lists.  They receive thousands of valid messages every day.  But the
lists are extensively filtered.  This means that some spam will
inevitably make it through the filters and appear on the mailing
lists.  If you wish to help the process for reporting spam is
documented on the mailing list page.


With the huge volume of valid mail through the lists.debian.org
machine the error rate would probably be worse if they were human
moderated lists.  Humans make mistakes.  On other lists that I
moderate I have made a non-zero number of errors by being tired and
swamped with a large amount of mail.  List moderation isn't a great
solution to high volume lists.


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