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Re: plugin flash player AMD64


javier melendez wrote:
> pdt: im sorry but my english is more or less.

That's no problem. However this mailing list is for laptop
related topics. You should have used the debian-user
mailing list.

> i have a problem. I have a laptop with a AMD64. i have a linux-gnu debian
> lenny and i installed firefox 3. But i have try to install the flash
> player plugin, but this doesn't work. My firefox is installed in
> /opt/firefox. i download the flashplayerplugin.so alpha version of acrobat
> for amd64. i have put simbolic link of this file (flashplayerplugin.so) in
> very paths (/root/.mozilla/plugins  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
> /usr/lib32/mozilla/plugins  /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins)  but this doesn't
> work.

You should always use a package when it exists(1) unless you have a very
very specific reason not to do it (I can't find any ;)

Firefox is shipped in Debian, but the package name is iceweasel (see
http://wiki.debian.org/Iceweasel )

Similarly, you should install Flash player using a pacakge, see:

> what is my error???

(1) The whole point of using package is precisely that the package makes
it easier to "integrate" the applications togegher. Also, security updates
are automatically installed by the package manager.



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