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Re: a904guy@gmail.com Has Invited You to Join GodTube

I don't think it is offensive but it is definitely SPAM. I don't think the list is moderated. I get SPAM from it frequently.


Robert Smith wrote:
Is this list moderated? The below message is SPAM, and offensive at that!

Rob Smith
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--- On *Thu, 1/29/09, a904guy@gmail.com /<GodTube@secure.godtube.com>/* wrote:

    From: a904guy@gmail.com <GodTube@secure.godtube.com>
    Subject: a904guy@gmail.com Has Invited You to Join GodTube
    To: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
    Date: Thursday, January 29, 2009, 9:19 PM

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