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Re: pcmcia wifi card not recognised

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 01:39:30AM +0000, Jim Burton wrote:
> iface wlan0 inet dhcp 
> wireless-essid home

I wouldn't mix wireless- and wpa-, drop wireless-essid and set

wpa-ssid home

> wpa-psk passphrase withaspaceinit
> wpa-driver wext

try also setting (depending on your ap config) eg:

wpa-key-mgmt WPA-PSK
wpa-scan-ssid 0
wpa-ap-scan 1

> but I get "No DHCPOFFERS received". I thought perhaps the space in the passphrase

the net-setup script should handle it - from 

NOTE: the 'wpa-psk' value is only valid if:
        1) It is a plaintext (ascii) string between 8 and 63 characters in
        2) It is a hexadecimal string of 64 characters

but, in case, check wpa_passphrase(8).


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