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Re: Linux server with many virtual terminals


This mail is off-topic on this mailing list. The debian-user list is

On Sat, 2008-12-06 at 03:05 -0800, Areba Collins wrote:
> I intend to set up a cyber cafe and to maximize on my investment (and
> assure myself a good resale value for my computers) , i seek to use
> brand new, high speed machines with plenty of RAM (about 3G) hoping i
> can use these to power virtual terminals (about 6 virtual users per
> machine.) so that clients only have a monitor and keyboard and
> mouse.  
> hopefully, will run on debian or ubuntu. 

Ubunu are "friends", but still mentioning Ubuntu (or other debian
derivatives) is know to upset people.

> could anyone point me somewhere that i can get info on this project? 

You probably "just" have to have 6 video outputs, then configure six
Xorg instances.


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