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Can't hibernate my HP 6715b


i run debian lenny for amd64 on my HP 6715b with 4Gig of RAM. When i try to 
hibernate my machine i became the error: 
  "Some devices failed to power down"
I also found 
  "Class suspend failed for gart0"

On boot time the linux kernel 2.6.26 says, that i should activate IOMMU on the 
BIOS. But i can't because the BIOS doesn't has such an option. When i take 
2Gig of RAM out of my computer, the hibernate process works fine. 

How can i bring my HP 6715b to hibernate with the full 4Gig of RAM? Any 
chance, hint, suggestion, what ever? :)


Andreas Richter 
URLs: http://www.anrichter.net | http://www.oszine.de
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