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WLAN with WG511 (China / Marvell Chipset): SSID hiding etc.

Hi there,

I have a Dell Latitude notebook running lenny/sid, and just added a "SysKonnekt" PCMCIA WLAN-card to it, which has a WG511 Marvell chipset. Googling a bit, helped me getting the card working with ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant, but there are a few caveats left:

1. It seems that ndiswrapper is not available for the newest kernel (2.6.26-1-686), but only for 2.6.25 - is this correct? And, if yes, is there a possibility to get the module working with 2.6.26 (except of compiling it, which is of course an option, but maybe there's an easier way)?

2. When I start wpa_supplicant in a console without sending it to the background, it works and I get a connection to my WLAN (Linksys router running Talisman with WPA/TKIP), when I issue a "dhclient wlan0" in another console. Obviously, this is a bit complicated, so I tried to script it up, and start wpa_supplicant with the -B option or send it to the background by using "&". But then, it's not working at all, and it seems the driver is unable to build up the connection... Is there a way to automate things a bit?

3. It seems that ndiswrapper (or wpa_supplicant, unsure about this) stops working when I switch off SSID broadcast. But, I'd like to hide my SSID because of security risks, so has someone getting it working with SSID hiding?


and have a nice hackin',


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