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Re: Installing debian linux on HP dv6700se with Intel core 2 duo T8300 processor and 4gb ram in dual boot mode

Srinivasa Rao Chigurupati wrote:
I purchased recently HP pavilion dv6700se notebook with Intel core 2 duo T8300 processor 2.4ghz and 4gb ram. would you point me to right debian linux build i should instal on this laptop. There are many builds i386(ia32), ia64 and amd64 which one right for above configuration.

I think that amd64 and i386 should both work. Which is the right one depends on what you want. I have problems getting flash to work on amd64 installation, as there is no 64-bit version of adobes flash player. I still use 64-bit though, as I believe (have not tested) that my programs run a bit faster on a 64-bit processor (more floating point registers in the CPU).

This laptop came with hard disk single partition. How do i create another free partition to install linux from sinlge partition without losing presnt window vista home premius os.

Vista includes a partitioning tool that can resize the partition and create a new one in the free space. I think it is called disk management or so, but unfortunately I do not remember exactly where it was in the menus. (Start -> Right click on computer, and then manage or so - perhaps). Its drawback is that it can only resize a partition by a limited amount, as it can not move some system files around.

Another option is using gparted (I use ubuntu live CDs for this), but there are problems (so I have read) resizing Vista partitions with gparted (they will not boot afterwards, and can only be repaired with a Vista rescue CD I think, use google).

Good luck

/ johan

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