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Fwd: Re: I want to make a copy of my system on dvd

guys help, i need the easiest possible way to make a copy of my current system 
and it's settings. I am just tired of re-installing my entire system when i 
play around with the settings.


On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 11:36:08PM +0200, DARREN wrote:
> hi there i want to make a boot dvd of my system. Please let me know how. I 

look for pkgs bootcd and friends (bootcd-i386, bootcd-mkinitramfs).
Install, study the docs, run ... from the front page:

"With the installation of this bootcd extension your 
 initrd-image will be updated to be usable for bootcd. 
 With bootcd you can copy your system to cd, run it from 
 cd without need for disks and restore your system on disk from bootcd."

which seems what you want.


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