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Re: hi list i have a problem

Buehl, Reiner (HPS EMEA, DO-C&I) wrote:
> To be more precice: If it says you have an INTEL cpu - no matter how many
> cores you have or if your cpu is 32 or 64 bits, using an AMD optimized kernel
> is a bad idea! It will work but you will end up with a slower system then you
> have now.

Let me help clear up some confusion.  The "amd64" is an instruction
set architecture not a cpu.  Both AMD and Intel produce cpus using
that instruction set.  An Athlon x2 is an AMD processor that
implements the amd64 instruction set.  An Intel Core 2 Duo cpu also
implements the amd64 instruction set.  It is perfectly okay to run an
amd64 64-bit system on a 64-bit Intel processor.  You can even run an
amd64 architecture compiled optimized for an Intel Core 2 Duo cpu.  It
would still be amd64 machine code.

This isn't to confuse the amd64 architecture with the ia64
architecture.  The ia64 architecture is quite different from the amd64
architecture and are not compatible.  These names often lead to
confusion among people who try to boot ia64 software on an amd64



However for a desktop there are still a small set of important
applications which appear to be only available as 32-bit binary blobs
and therefore a 32-bit system is a good recommendation unless you have
specific needs.

Personally I run a 64-bit desktop with everything but a few 32-bit
applications running inside a 32-bit chroot.  It is more complicated
but also more flexible.  This process is documented here:



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